From 6 october "the old master are back". The gallery specializes in selling the work of Dutch-Belgian artist whose technique closely resembles the realism founded by the old masters like Pieter Paul Rubens, Johannes Vermeer and Rembrandt van Rijn. Although common belief may agree that the tradition of realism has long been discareded from the practice of modern art, the methods of this original craft have fortunately not been forgotten. A small group of acclaimed artists, who stayed with the practice of realism, are now being proudly reprsented by the gallery Heleen Hobelman.

From 1 december until 29 february
Exposition: The old masters are back in Cape Town. Work from some of our overseas artist can been seen by “La Provence Interiors” 74A Waterkant St. Greenpoint Cape Town.

Expecting work from Wim Mast de Gooijer and Hans Parlevliet.