Guy De Jaegher
Guy De Jaegher (1944 Kortrijk, West-Flanders), fine artist who elaborates his pictures in a finely realistic manner with a great technical craftsmanship. He attended classes at the Academy of Arts at Kortrijk from childhood on; subsequently he studied graphic Arts at the Sint-Lucas Instituut at Doornik. However, as for fine- and miniature painting, which he considers to be one of the most exacting forms of painting, he is completely self-educated.

Virtuoso at back glass painting
He works in oils, mainly on panel and he is a virtuoso at back glass painting (oils applied on the back side of a glass plate). The still lives are the outcome of traditional craftsmanship, of love of the profession, much patience and precision and they required a learning process of many years. He mounts the picture with half-transparent layers of oil colours and by doing so he creates an ambience of timelessness and transience. The oft particularly bright intensity of colours applied in his paintings is much striking, just like in the Flemish Masters. To the artist, colours and atmosphere are just as important as the minute details which are open for inspection by the meticulous spectator. The subtlety of this method makes it most time-consuming and labour-intensive. Besides the still lives de Jaegher also paints flemish landscapes, tinged with magic, both on panel and on glass every now and then.

Medieval artistic crafts
Although his vigorous style draws on the foundations of the medieval artistic crafts and of the expertise and technique of the Masters of the sixteenth and seventeenth century like Jan van Eyck, Floris van Dijck, Pieter Claesz and Willem Kalf, this out and out fine painter composed a remarkable body of work, expressing a most personal view and a corresponding method which result into a contemporary touch.  De Jaegher participated in several group exhibitions. He was awarded the Golden Palms of the MAEKV (European Arts Merit) in 1985 and he was silver medallist in 1983 and 1986. He holds an entry in the Belgian Artists dictionary PIRON, in Artists and Galleries 2006 of Belgium and he was entered into the Lexicon of the Artists of West-Flanders and into the biographical lexicon of

From the Flanders press
Along with the precision with which de Jaegher paints the subject up to the smallest details, it is the colour and the atmosphere that are the greatest trumps in this creative work.
De Jaegher is a contemporary photographer with the brush of a master of the sixteenth century.