Noud Adams

Noud Adams (born in 1958 in LEENDE). “Fixing the simplicity of an object in a vulnerable manner”. He enjoyed a broad five-year basic education at the Academy for “Schone Kunsten Arendonck” in Belgium. During this period he became fascinated by modern realism. After his education he started specialising in the detailed figures and the technical skills necessary for this. He tries to combine the simple compositions of the still lives of the Italian Giorgio Morandi, the techniques of the old Masters, with modern style and today’s perceptible world. Together these are the elements of a unique and fully natural interpretation of modern realism.

Still life
His constant theme is still life. The everyday objects are painted in a natural way in a modern style. The composition combined with the material and the way he lets the light come in and do its magnificent work form an important aspect. Thus he creates a peaceful scene. Generally speaking the objects painted consist of natural products like all sorts of fruit but also utensils and glass. With all these objects the form plays an important part. All the objects painted plus the surroundings have a relationship, because they are influenced by each other. This happens by reflections of the objects and the surroundings. The number of given objects together with the colour are kept limited. The background together with the surroundings are generally kept vague and even as far as the colour is concerned.

Light angle
One of the most important aspects of the composition of his work is the light angle. This usually makes the light soft and dimmed and causes the light to settle across the whole composition, creating a soft shadow of the objects there. These aspects are fixed in the painting by painting thin layers of paint. This creates a clear, transparant, realistic picture in which the objects radiate energy. The whole of all these things makes the painting peacefully radiant. Noud Adams’ quest for an ever better way of fixing a still life goes on and this will keep his work of art innovative.