Roman Reisinger
Roman Reisinger decided 5 years ago to dedicate his live to the paint after he had worked for 12 years as a graphic designer. Maybe the biggest reason for his decision was: total freedom in individual creativity. This liberty give's him now the possibility to work 7 days a week on paintings off which you can see here some examples.

Old masters off the golden century
The work of Roman is especially inspired by the "old" masters off the golden century, but also the present painters of realism have his attention. Undisputed there is also a prominent role for impressionism and that is the reason why these two go hand in hand in the paintings without disturbance. This all in search for painting with "heart, soul and with love" but of course also "difficulty, interest, quality and knowledge".

Great success
Unfortunately on account of great success, we can't give you any certainty on availability of one or more paintings that you have seen here, so inquire about things quickly! All paintings have there own self-made frames but can be bought of course without.