Wim Mast de Gooijer
Wim Mast de Gooijer was born in Huizum in the North of The Netherlands. Looking back at his youth says Mast de Gooijer `My mother would have liked to see me go to conservatorium or dramaschool`. However the future would be different. A career in Hotelmanagement drove him and his family to Australia in 1976, drawing and painting being a way of relaxation from his busy live. After a successful exhibition he turned his back to the hotelbusiness and committed himself to the arts and trying to give his works a `face` that would be different.

First face every day objects
Many of the recognizable and often at first face every day objects that Mast de Gooijer puts on canvas reveal a detailed attention for weathering…..In 1988, after a long illness, he and his family returned to the Netherlands. Throught the friendship with the Australian artist Graeme Roche, Mast de Gooijer was confronted with the works of Jeffrey Smart and Paul Delvaux.

Realistic objects
Wim Mast de Gooijer´s works distinguish themselves by the composition of realistic objects in a realistic environment. As a whole the choice and striking combination of the objects usualy makes it look unreal but identifiable. It displays an acceptable reality which is best called Fictive Realisme. With that Wim Mast de Gooijer has succesfully presented a new trend in art.